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Weather PBS Unit                                                 Brooke Bradley                                                             Grade Level: 2                                                      Duration: 26 lessons (9 weeks)
Driving Question for the Unit: How do we know what to wear to school tomorrow?

This long-term weather unit addresses all of the new second grade Ohio content standards for the topic “The Atmosphere.” Students plan their own driving question (although they may be guided towards something similar to “How do we know what to wear to school tomorrow?”). Students digitally record a daily weather report that begins very simply with measuring temperature. However, the weather reports become longer and more detailed as students design and create their own weather instruments and decide more information that they would like to include in their report. The weather report is uploaded online daily for other classes in the building (or district) to watch. All of the 5E’s in this inquiry-based unit are connected to learning about how students know what to wear for the weather.

Standards/Grade Level Indicators:
Grade 2 New Ohio Content Standards
Grade Band Theme: Observations of the Environment

Science Inquiry and Application:
 Observe and ask questions about the natural environment.
 Plan and conduct simple investigations.
 Employ simple equipment and tools to gather data and extend the senses.
 Use appropriate mathematics with data to construct reasonable explanations.
 Communication about observations, investigations, and explanations.
 Review and ask questions about the observations and explanations of others.
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