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Airport High School Builds Greeenhouse

Airport High School science teacher Renee Coch adjusts newly assembled shelving as she and volunteers work on building a greenhouse Saturday behind the school. As part of Green Apple Day of service, Ms. Coch with the aid of volunteers from the Airport community, the University of Toledo and the architetural firm SHW Group, came together for the collaborative build. [Full Story]

U.S. Green Building Council awards education grants to schools in UT LEADERS program

The Northwest Ohio Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council awarded eight grants to area schools for the advancement and study of sustainable ecology.

Material and supplies were awarded of up to $2,000 in value to Central Catholic High School, Gesu Catholic School, Reynolds Elementary School and Robinson Elementary Schools in Toledo, as well as Airport High School, IDA Elementary/High School and Sodt Elementary School in Monroe County, Mich.
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Students in Ida, Michigan and Lima, Peru collaborate to understand their environments. [Full Story]

2nd-grade students delve into predicting weather

There are plenty of important reasons to know what kind of weather to expect.

“If it’s warm, I can play with my cousins and go to my friend’s house,” said Selena Garcia, a second-grader at Queen of Apostles School in Toledo.

“When it’s warm, I can play in the pool,” chimed-in classmate Miranda Ignat.

“It if snows, you can have a snowball fight,” suggested their classmate Isaiah Mercurio. [Full Story]

Students learned about about light bulbs

An incandescent (left) and CFL light bulb are hooked to a meter reader to test for their energy usage and efficiency as part of a presentation by Glenn Lipscomb, Professor of Chemical and Environmental Engineering at University of Toledo, Tuesday morning to a 4th grade class at Sodt Elementary School. Students learned about the differences between CFL, Incandescent, and LED light bulbs as they discovered which is the best bulb to buy for your household. [Photos]

Teachers learn about renewable energy in Oregon

A group of teachers from the University of Toledo visited the Oregon City Schools District on July 5 to learn about the benefits of installing wind turbines on school campuses and about their performance and energy saving capabilities. [Full Story]

Local teacher in LEADERS program learns benefits of wind turbines on school grounds

Dennis Slotnick, a Clay High School science instructor, met with the teachers involved in The University of Toledo’s LEADERS Program on Thursday to provide insight to the benefits of installing community wind turbines at school facilities and information about their performance and energy saving capabilities. [Full Story]

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  • Students learned about the differences between CFL, Incandescent, and LED light bulbs Monroe News [Full Story]