LEADERS Business/Scienctist Council & Community Partners

LEADERS is more than education about renewable energy in the 21st Century. 

LEADERS is about connecting scientists, business and community leaders to first-class education to drive future economic development. Through the assistance and generosity of our business and community partners, LEADERS is making an impact on Northwest Ohio.

As of August 24, 2012, 36 business, community and governmental agencies have agreed to partner with The University of Toledo’s LEADERS program. The purpose of LEADERS is to increase student interest in and to prepare students for careers in the renewable energies; through our partnerships, we link the renewable energies industry to school districts. Enhance professional development of district teachers and teacher leaders and subsequent learning opportunities for students in schools. The scope of these partnerships is tailored each business’ community goals and varies from an agreement to provide future speaking engagements to school-wide partnerships in several large scale multi-million dollar grants. 

Each business or community connection is viewed in the context of a relationship. The relationship is defined as having mutually beneficial value for the business as well as a school and its teacher.  For example, a business may gain the value of public recognition from their participation while teachers may gain knowledge. As the relationship matures, a business or community agency can select from a menu of five different categories of involvement. 

These include: (1) mentorship, (2) information, (3) collaboration, (4) support and (5) service.  Click on the link for each category of involvement to get more information

Business/Scientist Council

Purpose: The purpose of the UT LEADERS Business/Scienctist Council is to provide guidance that leads to the identification and development of LEADERS partnerships and that increases the connections among business, scientists, schools and The University of Toledo supporting LEADERS grant goals. 

Meetings:  The LEADERS Business/Scienctist Council  will meet three times yearly as a scheduled group to provide feedback on program direction and initiatives as well as to advise LEADERS principal investigators and staff on specific strategies that support and boost business and scientific engagement and membership.  Additional meetings of the Council or established sub-committees may be called by the Chair of the Council or LEADERS Principal Investigators.

Membership: The University of Toledo LEADERS Business/Scienctist Council is composed of key business leaders, scientists, government and non-profit organizations with a common interest in the promotion of quality science and renewable energy education that promotes economic revitalization through investment in renewable energy technologies.

Members: Coming Soon